Wednesday, August 27, 2008

oatland island adventure

Our weekend family adventure took us to Oatland Island Wildlife Center only ten minutes from downtown Savannah. The island plays host to animals both big and small; panthers, bobcats, bears, alligators, turtles, bison, deer, wolves, owls, hawks, eagles, etc. The nature trail is a long and winding path into the woods and over the wetlands with stops along the way that feature different animals in their habitats. It was the last official day of tropical storm Fay so it was a surprisingly breezy day. Translation: the mosquitos were not too bad (four bites instead of 50). If you go on a not so breezy day plan to bath yourself in repellent. We ended the day on the Wetlands Observation Pier with dipping dots, a strange ice cream like item developed by a scientist/ice cream aficionado. I was not a fan but my son devoured them in seconds.

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Linda Crispell said...

Serene and beautiful, how lucky are you to have that so close to home?