Thursday, January 31, 2008

Urban Outfitters in Savannah

Yes, I know it has been a rumor around town for some time now but I got an email today confirming the lease had been signed. What could that big retailer want with our little town but it seems they want 11,150 sq. feet of it. The space is only a block from my shop at 219-221 West Broughton Street. I am a little nervous at what that might mean for me but optimistic that it will bring more customers to the street that have not discovered me yet. That sounds strange to many of you that have been shopping with me for years but I still (8 years into owning my store) get the question "are you new here?" I guess I was too tucked away in my old location. So I usually reply "no but I must be new to you. " So what can I say? I must embrace the big chain and be glad I signed on to Broughton Street when I did.

Monday, January 28, 2008

shop pics

Spring, no way!

Yes it is true. We are already receiving unbelievable sums of Spring inventory. The boxes started arriving the week after Christmas. Welcome to retail. You are never living in the current season. I have to admit it is nice to see the new things and it has been fun doing new displays with them. I am most excited about all the Jennifer Murphy Easter goodies. I typically don't put it out in February but Easter comes so early this year I plan to. I will add pictures as the displays come together. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

shopping woes

I went to the gift show in Atlanta last week and as always I stopped at a few of my favorite haunts on the way up. Typically I find unbelievable sums of goodies to take back to the shop but at my first stop I sadly walked a little bag to my vehicle and traveled on down the road. My second stop was just outside Atlanta and once again a little bag was produced. What was going on? Don't the junking spirits know that I was about to enter gift show hell and I needed some vintage treasures to get me through the torture that lay ahead? Apparently not because my last stop produced nothing. Things weren't looking good. I knew this would be a rough show and I was right.
When I tell customers about the gift show they swoon and say "that must be so much fun." My response is "think of the worst store in your town and remember that they shop there as well." If you consider looking at bronze sculptures of dolphins and naked ladies "fun" than this show is for you. Yes, there are plenty of beautiful things or I wouldn't go but it is not an easy undertaking. I suppose people come in the store and assume that it is all presented in a neat package just for me when I go to market. I often dream of this occurring however the truth is I search 3 buildings, eighteen floors each and many thousands of showrooms to find the intriguing merchandise I sell in the store. So, for sanity purposes I kept the image of the little patchwork pig I bought on the way to Atlanta on my mind at all times.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chickin Feed Girls

It is not often that this jaded retailer can say I have found something truly original but I have and I want to share it with you. Chickinfeed.

I got an email from a girl claiming to have a product that I might be interested in. Before you go and say "how cool" I should tell you I get a lot of these sorts of emails. So I skeptically typed in their web address and I was so pleased that I emailed the girl (Amy) back to thank her and compliment the company on such a great product.

I went to the Atlanta Gift Show last week and met two of the creators in person (Amy and Leslie). It was a pleasure to chat with them and see the products in person. I pledged to help them with any publicity I could so this post is my first attempt. I also shared them with my friend at Decor8 in the hopes that she will blog about them as well.

I love a good story and good people so I hope all my friends in retail out there look them up and place orders like I plan to. FYI they will be on Rachel Ray on Friday so tune in.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

all eyes ahead

As we start the new year I can't help but share these pictures of my little boy on his first bicycle ride. I couldn't believe my eyes when he hopped on and just started riding. I stood there with happy and sad tears in my eyes clicking away with the camera. It got me thinking of the past and the future.

Here's to a new year for everyone. Let's all hop on our bikes and get going.