Friday, August 1, 2008

ginny h

I met the loveliest family yesterday. Two sisters with all their children in tow, I am guessing from ages 6-16. They were a large group of really enthusiatic shoppers so I started asking them usual questions I like to ask people visiting the area...where they were from, how they liked Savannah, where they were headed, etc. Low and behold they were Hilfigers! Ginny and Maria to be exact. Sisters of the famous Tommy. Come to find out Ginny has her own fashion collection and after she left I headed to google to check it out. I felt a little star struck. In the eight years I have had my business I can honestly say I have met a lot of famous people, movie stars, musicians, writers, editors & fashion designers most of which have been quite pleasant and interesting to get to know. Ginny ranks really high on the friendly scale for me. She told me all sorts of stories about the Real Housewives of NYC (she designs for Bethenny) and talked about her interests and style. I think she makes really lovely clothing and is well on her way to becoming a great name in fashion.


designsbynana said...

Wow Liz!!!
That was awesome...isn't it funny how things happen sometimes? I think you hit the jackpot with this very interesting person( by the sounds of it).
Go on girlfriend and find those treasures(interesting people). That is what life is all about.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Amy Nieto said...

'd buy that tellow coat in a jiffy. been dying for a yellow coat for sometime now. maybe I should just make it.

*sigh* maybe i should just finish all the photos I have backed up.

(psssst, guess what I moved to Portland, Oregon just last week, i love it!)

Amy Nieto said...

and by tellow I meat YELLOW. Yeah.