Monday, August 11, 2008


I hate to admit some of my most recent musical discoveries have come in the form of TV commericals. In the last couple of months I discovered Joe Purdy(from the Kia commercial) and Noah and the Whale(from the Saturn commercial). I had been listening to Feist and Cold Play long before ipod used them in their ads. I am beginning to wonder if these ad people have really good taste in music or if they are sent the stuff by record companies.

Roll over them to get to their links. Happy listening.


Linda Crispell said...

I read the lovely comments you left on Katie's blog regarding the article in Home Companion. I was on a mission to find a church bulletin board after I missed an opportunity to snatch one out of the garbage! A local church was giving the heave-ho to an amazing one, I couldn't pick it up, so I offered the church a donation if they could set it aside for me. By the time their custodian went to retrieve it someone had taken it. Imagine my joy when I found one a few months later at the flea market. You know this is the type of thing that can haunt you!

design for mankind. said...

Just wanted to give you a little thanks for your input on my guest post at Decor8---