Friday, August 8, 2008

liz k

Exciting news.  Liz Koomler, stitch master and @home shop girl has added new goodies to her etsy.  It is just in the nick of time because she is going to be featured in Country Home magazine in the fall. I submitted images of her creations for an article and instead of being in that feature they photographed her work for another feature on new American craft.  I am so proud and excited to see her pieces in a magazine.  I am especially happy to know that Country Home saw what I saw in her work.  


Robin T said...

Holy freakin' cow!!! That pillow is the exact colors of Bo and I's upcoming bedroom makeover! I so need it girl! And how freakin' cool will Country Home be now that you are in it!!! You go girl!!! said...

Your etsy store looks wonderful! I hearted you :)