Wednesday, August 6, 2008

now on news stands

I wanted to share these images of my most recent feature in Holiday Crafts Magazine. It is August and there is already a holiday magazine on news stands! There are Halloween projects in it so I guess they have to get an early jump on the competition. I hope you enjoy.

For those of you that have gone to our website and are now reading this the kits listed in resources are for the cardboard body of the house not the entire thing (available here). You will have to use your imagination and your own goodies to decorate them. The listing sounded a little confusing so I wanted to clarify for you eager crafters out there.


Katie Runnels said...

oooh! Looks lovely!! Way to go!! xo

cori gilkey said...

Do you carry this magazine in your store? I have never seen it before. We are coming up from Gainesville, Florida this weekend to shop of course:)

Liz Demos said...

We don't sell this magazine in the shop but it should be available on if you can't find it at Barnes & Noble or Borders. See you in the shop this weekend. : )

Kasey said...

i came your way via Mcmaster and Storm.
You have a lovely blog!

crazy miss robin said...

You cease to flippin' amaze me!!!! I consider myself fortuanate to freakin' know you!!! (Sorry for all of the flippin's and freakin's but with jed being teh little sponge that he is it si better than the real deal word!) Love ya'!