Thursday, July 26, 2007

Website drama

Many of you know that I have been trying for some time to get a website up and running. Well the latest is that my web designer left town after graduating from SCAD and appears to have moved on as well. I am so disappointed because it was looking so cute. I will hopefully find someone who can help me finish it if I could just get my files from him. Please be patient.

SCAD Dorm Makeover

What an honor. I have been asked to decorate a dorm room for the Savannah College of Art and Design. I guess you could call it the model dorm room. It is the one that prospective students tour while visiting the college. I wasn't sure I was interested until I saw the bleak environment in which these art students were expected to live in and be creative.
The admissions department wanted to show these students the potential for their rooms and that is where I come in. I have big plans and will post after pictures when it is finished. So please check back.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back in the Day Bakery

One of my favorite places in town, Back in the Day Bakery,
was recently featured in the New York Times 36 hours
in Savannah article. The husband and wife team, Cheryl
and Griff Day, have had much success in their almost
5 year run in Savannah. I am a huge fan and regular
contributor to their success and I have the curves to
prove it. As I get older time seems to scoot by. I
remember when they first opened in an up and coming
area known at the Starland District. Their bakery holds
the anchor spot and I believe has been a big part of the
revitalization of the area. I didn't know Griff too well
but I fondly called him the gentle giant back then.
He didn't talk too much and he still doesn't I just know
him better now. Cheryl has a good heart, joyful spirit
and great humor. I couldn't be happier for them. All
of this comes around at a good time because sadly Cheryl lost
her sister this time last year. I know that she has had
a tough year because if anyone would have
reveled in her successes it would have been her sister.

On the road

As the summer drags along here in Savannah I find
myself actually excited about attending the upcoming
trade shows. As a retailer it might come as a great
surprise that I do not love to go to market. My
background is in the antique business so the thrill of
the hunt is one that keeps me up the night before
an estate sale or keeps my eyes wide open during a
long car ride to an antique fair. When you have the
opportunity to order a hundred of something your
enthusiasm wears a little thin. That is not to say that
I don't like the things I find and order for my shop,
I just prefer the adrenalin rush that comes with the
unknown. So back to my original thought about
being excited. I think it is because we have been in
the new location for about nine months now and I
feel really confident about the direction the store
is taking. Each time we have moved the shop it has
felt like we were starting from scratch. So with this
buying trip I hope to find many unique treasures to
fill the store for the upcoming season. I plan to do
some junkin along the way as well.

Post soon.