Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hard hearted hanna

Oh no! I am off to buy hurricane supplies today. Things aren't looking too good for us. I hope it makes a turn toward the north and misses us entirely but I want to be prepared anyway. I found a handy list of recommended items to have on hand at wsav.com. As a Florida girl, I am sort of used to hurricanes but I must admit when I was little my mom always took care of the necessities while I packed important things like my stuffed animals and my favorite blanky. When you are little kid these things seemed so important. Taking that into consideration I have already asked my son what toys he wants to pack up if we have to evacuate. The list is still growing. So, between the toys, kitties, personal papers and necessities we might require a small moving truck just to tote all of it. Maybe we will just stay put.

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pinkgreen said...

I hope you manage to escape the worst of it and don't have to evacuate. Good luck!
Cathy XX