Friday, July 18, 2008

timing & opportunity

I seem to be talking a lot lately about opportunity but little about timing.  I think things happen when they do for a reason.  Maybe you aren't ready or maybe there are bigger and better things coming your way.  So that got me thinking about my friend Cheryl from Back in the Day Bakery. She will be appearing on Paula Deen's Best Dishes on Sunday at 12:30.  Talk about an opportunity! It is a well deserved and patiently waited for opporunity at that.  She and her husband Griff own one of the sweetest spots in Savannah (pun intended).  They have worked very hard and their success is very exciting for their friends and customers.  The timing could not be any better. If my memory serves me right, Cheryl lost her dear sister around this time a couple of years ago. I know Cheryl is so joyful about her appearance on this show, but I also know deep down she wishes she could share it with Natalie.  So Cheryl if you are reading.  Chin up.  I am so proud of you and I know she would be too.  

happy discovery

Late last night I was roaming the internet & reading some of my favorite blogs and came across the most exciting little treasure I had seen in a while.  Much to my delight when the post led me to an etsy and then to the blog of little treasure's creator I found a world worth noting.  I wanted to share this person, her craft and her lovely photography with my readers.  I hope you enjoy her goodies and patronize her etsy site.  We exchanged emails and maybe someday she will make it to Savannah where I can meet her but until then I will be stopping by her blog thompson family life and etsy tiny bazaar regularly.  

Thursday, July 17, 2008

great day wednesday, tuesday...not so good

Having returned from an exhausting weekend at market and a family gathering in Florida I was greeted Tuesday with the news that I missed a terrific professional opportunity. I was so bummed but a rebound was in my future so boot straps up I made some calls sent some emails and decided to take control. I have figured there are a lot of people that have no talent but are great at marketing and a lot of people that have amazing talent and are terrible at marketing. I am going to be more aggressive about marketing myself and my shop from now on.

I started the day with a new attitude. I spent much of the morning printing out images for my portfolio. I met a lovely customer and chatted with her at length about many topics. And then to my surprise and delight Amy Zurker, the guru of Shop SCAD, and Katie Runnels, artist extraordinaire, came for visit. I haven't seen Katie in ages but I keep up with her through her blog. These gals have more talent than most people have in their pinkie toe. I really never get to see Amy except for an occasional visit at the store or at a social event but everytime we chat I think to myself, we should be friends. Katie was dropping off new pieces at shop SCAD so get over there and check them out.

That evening...
As if Wednesday couldn't get any better Amy and Josh Lind joined my family for dinner at our house. Amy, a former @home shop girl and successful painter is now living in San Francisco with her husband Josh a talented film producer/maker (Dandy Dwarves fame). William was the ring bearer in their wedding and he still calls her Amy Hahn. In fact, all week he kept saying "when are Amy Hahn and the boy coming to our house." Very cute. Thankfully, after a lot of tickles, playing with cars and tossing balls he was calling him Josh. So happy I got to share an evening with them catching up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

by the window

Amy Lind, one of our @home alums is returning south for her show at the Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC. She and her husband Josh are planning a visit to Savannah while here. I can't wait to see them. It is hard to believe in September it will have been a year since they moved to San Francisco. Time flies.

off to market

No posts for a few days as I am traveling to the gift show to search for new goodies for the shop. It feels like I just did this but these shows come around to quick I can't keep up. While there I am also having dinner with one of my favorite sales reps and an exec from their company. Hopefully I can charm the socks of him and he hires me to design for them (a girl can dream).

Thursday, July 3, 2008


happy 4th
if you are in the area we will be open today for all you die hard shoppers

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

furniture sale

We are having a furniture sale for the month of July. Stop by and scoop up that piece you have had your eye on. 10-20% off select furniture.