Friday, May 23, 2008

my little blondy

I took this picture of my son in the park last Sunday.  I am always astonished at how blond he is when I see him in photographs.  My hair is very dark and my husband is a tow head.  Go figure... he is a   1/4 Greek, 1/2 British, 1/8 Italian, 1/8 unknown European mix blue-eyed-blond.  I can only hope that he gets my over 6' tall grandfather's genes. Have I mentioned how short I am?


Anonymous said...

Oh he is just the cutest!

BellaColle said...

aww! handsome young man!
I stummbled on your blog from 'Feathered Nest"
I'm so glad I came for a visit...
gosh, I'm from GA...and lived for 2 years in Savannah while my husband was in the Army @ Hunter..
anywho... I wish your store was around when I lived there!! Very lovely indeed.
Happy Wed.

designsbynana said...

Now I know why he is so Addorable...IT IS THE GREEK GENES!!!

Katie Runnels said...

He's a heartbreaker already! xo