Sunday, May 11, 2008

help the honey bees

I have been hearing about the plight honey bees for awhile now so I was not surprised to see the people at Haagen Dazs have started a campaign to help. If you have a chance please visit help the honey bees and see how you can do your part.

A side note: since I have been doing my fair share of web research for my site, I was overwhelmed with the amazing website they have devoted to the subject. I think all you design junkies out there would agree.

Read all about it: I just got my June issue of Martha Stewart Living and there is a great article on page118.

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Moss said...

Definitely a cool website, if you like all that Flash and stuff!

It's nice to see that people are taking notice of the plight of bees. They are tiny creatures, but sure do a lot for this wonderful world of ours!