Friday, May 23, 2008

lovely discoveries

I have fully recovered from my two day trip to the National Stationery Show and have so much to share.  Typically I don't have a hard time making a decision about the products I want to purchase for the store but this particular show had me stumped.  The NSS was filled with cards and stationery from talented letter press companies, off set and screen printed goods and fantastic pick up items.  I placed many re-orders of products we stock and was hoping to find a couple of new lines to fill in where the others leave off.  I think I accomplished my goal.  We expect our tried and true items to start trickling in soon and the new goodies will begin shipping in July.  

I also landed a new purveyor of vintage ribbons, notions and old store stock. I found their prices to be fair and their selection of vintage goods really lovely. The owners are keepers too! I especially love when I find a resource where I know the people behind the product.  The merchandise I find from these types of sources have a special place in my shop.  You betcha I buy from the big boys, but supporting mom and pop wholesalers is where my heart is.


laurie said...

That stationary show sounds like so much fun to go to. Love the vintage ribbon that you are going to is just yummy!

Amy Nieto said...

Liz, I miss your ribbons. I miss you too!! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

These look wonderful, I am looking forward to shopping with you this week!

frida said...

can't wait to visit your shop when I'm in Savannah this month.
Nikki Hardin, skirt! publisher