Thursday, May 8, 2008

holy smokes

I enjoyed a fantastic dinner last night with my friends Cheryl & Grif, owners of Back in the Day Bakery and Haylie (former shop girl, now big city girl) from Philly.  It was so nice to catch up with Haylie and hear about all of her new adventures.  If it were up to me all my girls would work for me forever and ever but they keep growing up and moving on.  It is really nice to see how they mature and all the amazing things they are doing out in the "real" world.  I keep thinking that when the shop turns 10 we will have a big reunion.  Maybe a giant trunk show of all their work.  

Back to the topic.  I can't express to you how delicious the meal was.  I had ribs or should I say a rib.  No, I was not shorted by the chef watching out for my caloric intake.  The rib was enormous.  I even joked with the waiter that it came from a dinosaur.  The sides were yummy (especially Haylie's fried okra).  The ambiance was very low key.  We sat outside and watched people play horse shoes and the bean bag toss.  By the look of things (full parking lot & tables) Blowin' Smoke is making quite a splash.  

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Anonymous said...

Lets do it again really soon. Had SOoo much fun with you!