Thursday, May 8, 2008

sloooooooooow posts

Sorry for the lack of posts but many of you will be happy to know I have been working very hard to get our website together.  I had no idea how much behind the scenes work was involved. Taking photos, typing information, moving files, renaming files and just plain thinking about the web is all consuming.  I am dreaming in HTML code.  OK, not really but as soon as I master it I know I will be.  The plan is to launch a new site in July with shopping coming in September.  My web tutor has explained that July is too optimistic for the ecommerce part.  My friends at McMaster & Storm have been going through the same process and their site will be ready this week.  I can't wait to see what they have created.  I know their experience will prove very helpful as I get further along.  


Cheryl said...

Your launch will be well worth the wait for those not as lucky to live close enough to touch & feel.


Hi, Liz--

I know what you are going through! The months leading up to our e- commerce launch were filled to the brim with new learning experiences, decisions, long hours logged in front of the monitor, and DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! I am sure you are doing it in a way that really sparkles with your brand identity and will delight your customers old and new. Can't wait for the big debut! If I can be of any help or guidance, please ask. :)