Thursday, June 11, 2009

taking love to the bank

This morning I opened my email to find the most wonderful note from a girl that had visited my shop this past weekend. I sat there sobbing while I read it. I get notes like this from time to time but this one really got me. Maybe because it has been so hard to be a retailer lately. I know I am not the only one. Specialty retailers across the nation are struggling.

We all love what we do. We love our customers. We love being creative. We love that you love us. It fills our hearts and keeps us motivated but we can't take love to the bank. Oh, how I wish I could because I would be a very rich girl.

So, thank you Abany for your kind words. It made my day.
I have attached her note for you to read and please be sure to visit her blog too.

HI Liz! Oh my goodness! What bliss!! my name is abany - and I visited your store this past weekend, when my girlfriends and I were on a much needed getaway from the grand ole Hotlanta. I must first tell tell you that after a VERY LONG and hot day of wandering through the many various shops along broughton - we found ourselves in front of your store only 10 minutes after the shop closed. with frowns on our faces, we stood there simply stupefied over the beautiful store (and that was just from the outside!), so i was determined to be sure to come back the next day.

after 12 hours and many annoying reminders i'm sure, my friends and I galavanted over to which I found myself in a heavenly dream of general store glory!! i seriously think that i was in quite a stupor of the beautiful details and the delicate girls thought that i may have died and gone to vintage they left me alone to wander in amazement.

i got all tied up in little girl giddiness at the vintage flash cards and letters at the front of the store - and made my way through the labyrinth of yummy smelling soaps, and passed the uber cute basket of "peeps" - i ended up chatting with your sweet employee - and just gushing over her with how wonderful I thought that the store was.
i knew that the store had a "bloggers" touch to it - and quickly asked, "does the owner blog??????!" (disclaimer: i'm an avid blogger and designer...i think that we can smell each other from 1000 miles away! haha) to which your pixie haired blondie quickly threw one of your cards in my hand with a big smile, and we were out the door just in time for her to lock up.


fastforward: i find myself this week sifting through my dear friend's brand newly launched blog - OnceWed! emily is a dear friend and we have worked together on a few events in the past year or so - and I was just tickled to see the precious post that was written by a certain "Haylie Bird"...immediately tagging her onto my RSS feed, I've been following her for the past few days - only to read this morning that she posted about YOU and even used to work for you!!!! oh how the world is ever so small. :P

so needless to say - you are an amazing artist, and have the eye of a queen when it comes to merchandising. your store is so quaint and welcoming - yet impeccably clean and refreshing. thank you so much for bringing life to savannah and for bringing a certain loveliness. i know i'll be sticking around to watch as it grows more!

BEST of luck to you!!


Lindsey said...

What a sweet letter! I had the same reaction the first time I saw @home - I think it was on a Sunday morning so the store was not open yet. But I could see all the cuteness inside through the windows wanted to go in so badly! How funny that she knew you were a blogger! :D

Susan said...

Just a quick note - her blog link is broken. No fear - I found her though.

My first experience was love at first sight too! The first time I came you were at the old locale and I bought an antique locket. I lost it at church one day and was devastated.
Some exciting news, Darling Husband and I are coming to visit your shop in two weeks for our first anniversary. EEEhhh! I'm so excited. Besos!

BlondeShot Creative said...

Lovely letter!
The link at the bottom of your post isn't correct... I was trying to find the girls blog, and then found the correct link on the list on the left. Just FYI

Liz Demos said...

link to brown linen goods fixed. thanks all.

Uncle Beefy said...

I'd have been balling too, Liz! What a sweet and heartswelling wish for success! And SO nice that she took the time to write and tell you. :) And all well deserved, for sure.

Keep the faith, Liz! Thinkin' about you. :)

hayliebird said...

what a beautiful post and what a small world! i love it.

ashlie johnson said...

it's great when people take the time to write words of appreciation ... and i'd like to do the same. my fiance and i stopped in the store a couple of weeks ago after getting engaged only a couple of days prior. we used to attend SCAD and i've admired @home for quite some time. it is most certainly the highlight of broughton street! i recently saw halli and adam's wedding photos making their rounds on the blogs, and i saw on their website that you had a hand in it! your taste is sensational and your vision inspires me. keep on keepin on!

ps: if i were getting hitched in the south, i'd certainly be knockin on your door! nonetheless, my fiance and i rummaged through that wonderful collection of vintage vocab and playing cards for engagement and love related things ... i'll be sure to send you a snapshot of whatever they end up becoming!

Susie Mae said...

I know how she feels! I thought I was going to have to be scooped up off of the floor when I first came into your store...I just melted! You really do bring a certain elegance and charm to Savannah that is almost indescribable and yet irresistible!
What a thoughtful letter :)

Amanda said...

That was a sweet letter.

I, too, feel the same way she does. I love your store!

I have been to Savannah many times visiting my husband when he had to work there. Your store is my favorite. He knows when I go inside your shop that I will be there for a while.

I can't wait until I can shop with you online. I don't see any trips to Savannah, soon, but at least I can see you online.

I wish you lots of success. You deserve it.