Tuesday, June 30, 2009

shop pics

I thought it would be nice to post some images of some of our current inventory.  Take a looksie. Don't forget we are having a store wide sale, 20% off & keep an eye out for our postcards announcing a very special basement sale in July.  More to come on that subject later. 


Uncle Beefy said...

Liz...you wanna carve out a little space for me in your store to add a cupcake quotient? Can't imagine a lovelier spot! I'll let you be the official buttercream taster. C'mon, what d'ya say? ;)

I hope to get to see the store in person one day, Liz. Sigh.

alisserae said...

It's days like these that I loathe living in Los Angeles. I am so envious of folks who can just hop (or drive) over to your shop. Nothing compares to it!

Amanda said...

I love those pink plates with the roses. They are speaking to me!!!

Marie said...

Hello Liz - I enjoy reading your blog! Thank you for sharing these photos. I love those rulers!


Mrs. Limestone said...

Your shop looks amazing. I want to go!

Classic Twist said...

Your shop looks adorable! Wish I could hop in a car and come by...I'm positive I would be overwhelmed and spend lots of money ;)