Friday, September 26, 2008

beautiful flowers

At a recent meeting with my web tutor I got a peek at a website he had been working on for my friend Gaye Drummond.  I met Gaye soon after her family moved from England to Savannah when her husband Allan became Chair of Illustration at SCAD.  Our first conversations were filled with a shared love of English delicacies and products (my mom is English too).  I liked her from the very start.  Over the years I have seen her amazing arrangements and installations at weddings, cocktail parties, businesses and local homes.  I am happy to share some images from her website with you but I hope you will visit and see for yourself how talented she is.  


StitchesByLiz said...

ohmigoodness I didn't know she did this. sooo pretty~

Number Four Eleven said...

gaye is so seriously talented! customers love it when she fills my shop with gorgeous flowers!

Paper Relics said...

I was just thinking of emailing you about some good floral resource for my wedding (Remember we meet at the Stationery Show??) and I came over to your blog to get your shop address since we will in Savannah next week and you posted about flowers! Perfect!

Virginia Belle said...

gorgeous flowers. savannah oozes with creative talent. such a beautiful city, full of beautiful minds and people. i relish each trip.

i just wanted to tell you that my boyfriend and i stopped by your store this past weekend, and i am as giddy as a schoolgirl about my purchases (the seashell balls and one of the frilly aprons). and your staff was not only friendly, but also helpful and delightful.

needless to say, my boyfriend had to drag me out of there. i am fascinated and inspired by your taste and style. i will make sure to stop by every time i come down from columbia, SC. my favorite store, hands down.