Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My friend Cedric Smith stopped by the shop this morning and shared a recent discovery he made while blogging. An online magazine/blog called Refueled. It is all about country design with a modernized twist. For a long time I have called this style industrial country but I think their tag line captures the essence of the style - alternative country. Alternative because it incorporates many things that would have not been considered "country" by most country afficianados. It is far from mainstream and really interesting. One of my favorite books, Found Style, touched on this subject years ago but still remained fairly mainstream.

Look for the next issue of Refueled to come out in November.


POPIN Sisters said...

Hey Liz, Hope you are having a great weekend and not getting too much bad weather up there in Savannah. We "tagged" you on our blog, feel free to play along. ~Jamie


Thanks for the info... leave it to you to find that!!!