Thursday, January 31, 2008

Urban Outfitters in Savannah

Yes, I know it has been a rumor around town for some time now but I got an email today confirming the lease had been signed. What could that big retailer want with our little town but it seems they want 11,150 sq. feet of it. The space is only a block from my shop at 219-221 West Broughton Street. I am a little nervous at what that might mean for me but optimistic that it will bring more customers to the street that have not discovered me yet. That sounds strange to many of you that have been shopping with me for years but I still (8 years into owning my store) get the question "are you new here?" I guess I was too tucked away in my old location. So I usually reply "no but I must be new to you. " So what can I say? I must embrace the big chain and be glad I signed on to Broughton Street when I did.


Anonymous said...

Liz I think this is very exciting news for your shopping district so much more positive than stores closing.
People that shop at UO will be thrilled that your just a few doors down. Think of yourself traveling & shopping an area rather than just one shop. I am so happy for the opportunities that will be coming your way. So don't worry shop girl. We have survived the big boys and so will you. Be inspired as you shop for fabulous new treasures in NYC.

Unknown said...

Hey that's pretty good but I'd rather see Anthropologie move in. I was talking to someone at their home office recently and they told me that they're finally opening their first S.C. store in Myrtle Beach in April. So it looks like Anthro and Urbans is moving in -- I would be a little worried so I understand your concern because once they move into Savannah you risk the town becoming infested with chains and losing that charm of the independent stores because higher rents may result -- do you own your storefront?

kansasrose said...

Hi! Thought I'd de-lurk and let you know how I enjoy your blog and your shop. I admire your style and the items in your store are beautiful! You have excellent taste! Wish I lived closer! Best of luck to you. Jenny

Amy Nieto said...

It can only mean more business! And I agree with decor8, anthropologie would rock my world if it came to savanahh. another store to get amazingly inspired by, as i make my bakery-shopscad-@home-terracotta-beadstro weekly tour.

oh wait, i dont live there anymore :'(

but still, ithink it'd be great, though as an ex-Broughtonite I'd rather see more independently owned boutiques (really nice ones, though) than a big chain store. but im a sucker for UO,so ill shut up. :P

Moss said...

We are very excited about the news that Urban Outfitters is coming to Broughton Street. And what a beautiful building they will be occupying! It's understandable that there are some mixed feelings...we very much hope this is a signal of good things happening for Savannah!

Savannahkay said...

Liz, I love your blog almost as much as I love your store! The news about UO is great for Savannah, great for you ~ it will only bring more traffic to the street. I am mentioning it ~ and your store and blog ~ on my blog,, today. Check it out, and keep on keeping Savannah on the style map!

McMaster & Storm said...

UO is still a "chain" store. end of story. There is still a section of the pop. that enjoys getting to know the actual store owners and buying from these shops. If it's not vintage or from a small retailer I do not buy it........I love the things in my home that have a story. (remember the things I purchased from you...?) The original potluck studios bowl was one of the purchases, I'm lucky to have it and think of @home whenever I dust!
glad we ran into you in NY, crazy-busy!