Saturday, January 19, 2008

shopping woes

I went to the gift show in Atlanta last week and as always I stopped at a few of my favorite haunts on the way up. Typically I find unbelievable sums of goodies to take back to the shop but at my first stop I sadly walked a little bag to my vehicle and traveled on down the road. My second stop was just outside Atlanta and once again a little bag was produced. What was going on? Don't the junking spirits know that I was about to enter gift show hell and I needed some vintage treasures to get me through the torture that lay ahead? Apparently not because my last stop produced nothing. Things weren't looking good. I knew this would be a rough show and I was right.
When I tell customers about the gift show they swoon and say "that must be so much fun." My response is "think of the worst store in your town and remember that they shop there as well." If you consider looking at bronze sculptures of dolphins and naked ladies "fun" than this show is for you. Yes, there are plenty of beautiful things or I wouldn't go but it is not an easy undertaking. I suppose people come in the store and assume that it is all presented in a neat package just for me when I go to market. I often dream of this occurring however the truth is I search 3 buildings, eighteen floors each and many thousands of showrooms to find the intriguing merchandise I sell in the store. So, for sanity purposes I kept the image of the little patchwork pig I bought on the way to Atlanta on my mind at all times.


McMaster & Storm said...

sigh, darc & i agree with these so called "oh, you're so lucky to go to these gift shows"! takes forever to find things you like & it's hard work!
we'll see what the nyigf has in store for us.


hayliebird said...

dear god- you are scaring me. is ny worse? i'm gonna have to get some good walking shoes & there will have to be good eats to keep us cheery!! i still can't wait even if it is that bad.
see you soon.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Hi! I found your blog through your post on McMaster and Storms blog! They are friends of mine and their shop is my favorite place to buy!!! I added you to my favorites, love your blog! Is the blue toy crane in the pic for sale? If so do you ship? And what is the price? you can email me at
thanks, it was fun finding you!
Jill Flory

Kasey said...

just came across your blog, so true what you say! I'm off to San Fran for buying trip tomorrow and it really is a love/hate relationship with it!

Lola B's Boutique