Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Farm Chicks

I had the great pleasure of meeting 1/2 of The Farm Chicks franchise. Teri Edwards and her husband were visiting Savannah and popped in the store yesterday.  It was a real treat for me.  I have been a fan of the Farm Chicks for a while now and I certainly share their mantra:


Christy said...

Hi Liz,
I saw your comment on the Farm Chicks Blog. Yours caught my and my grandmother have the same last name :) Having your own shop must be wonderful. I would love to have my own vintage shop one day.

Anonymous said...

Hello , I foound you through the Farm Chicks blog. These 2 are the swweetest gals you will ever meet. We were vendors at their show last June. It was the Most fun - you should come! Sue

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Liz!
I so enjoyed meeting you the other day. Your shop is just beautiful. You were so gracious to let me take pictures! I posted about it on my blog.

BellaColle said...

Hurray.. Farm Chicks rock..
..gosh.. I tell ya.. where were ya when I lived there? You opened right after we left 'ole Savannah.. I know right where yur at too.. ugh wish I could visit..
Your store and blog a beautiful!!
thanks for lettin' me visit.. =)
my blog..

copperseal said...

im so happy to have stumbled over your blog! @home is one of my favorite stores in all savannah :)

happy blogging!

Jen r. said...

Nice to meet you, I just stopped by to say hi !


hi Checking back in... I can't wait to come visit.. you have the best stores in the country.... share more pic with us soon.
xoxoxo Laura DellaPorta