Thursday, March 20, 2008

new cuteness has arrived

We just got a shipment of adorable Japanese goodies. Pin cushion/scissor holder birdies, little vases shaped like spools (modeled by my new shop girl), mushroom pushpins, card holders and magnets. We also got a great shipment of twine from a fair trade company out of India. Yum.


Girl Land said...

You're teasing us so!!! I so want to buy one of the mushroom business card holders, but I live in MI. :(

Love everything. So adorable.

hayliebird said...

holy cow!! i forgot about all of that goodness! Did you let Halli buy it all up? I hope not. I'll be there in May & there better be some of that business left over for me! It's so darn cute.

Also, hey Liz K., you look great- a beautiful model indeed.

missing @home all of the time!


StitchesByLiz said...

Aww thanks Haylie :)@ Home is missing you too! Can't wait to see you when you come down in May!!!

Ok Liz---so I started a blog this morning...ha :) This is what I do at 5:30 in the morning on my day off!

Unknown said...

This blog mkes me want to zoom down to Savannah RIGHT NOW!! Can't wait to browse your new online shop. Any predictions on the opening date?

Liz Demos said...

Fingers crossed...late July. I am doing it myself so I have given it a few months.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday. The shop looks AMazing!