Monday, April 21, 2008

savannah market bazaar

If you are anything like me you envy those city dwellers that have a cool street market on every corner. Savannah has had a hard time getting one going. The Starland Farmer's market and the occasional Mutations Craft Fair have a good following. Thanks to New Moon of Savannah the Savannah Market Baazar is making it's debut this Saturday in the old Sears building parking lot just 2 blocks south of Forsyth Park. It is the same weekend as the Sidewalk Arts Festival so the turn out should be good. The only way markets like this can survive is if we attend and buy. I know I will be going. I hope you will to.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a FUN BUSY weekend!!

hayliebird said...

i wish i could be there that weekend!!instead i'll be there the following week.
can't wait to see you guys.

Amy Nieto said...

what I wouldn't do to be in savannah right now. :(

Holly said...

How much fun does THAT sound!!!!! Have a great time!