Wednesday, March 12, 2008

my house was full of rings and charms and pretty birds

Most people purchase music online and never venture into a store to actually buy a CD but I have to admit this is one I wanted to physically, not just virtually, own.  I have now listened to it so much that my three year old is singing Gone, gone, gone.  

Where do I begin?  I think I can thank my older brother for properly introducing me to Led Zeppelin and the film Oh Brother for introducing me to Alison Kraus.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what magic the duo could create.  If I were more tech savvy I would have it playing for your listening pleasure.  My suggestion?  Go to itunes and have a listen for yourself.  


anastasia said...

Hiya Liz! This is definitely winding-down-your-day music. Neat! I like "Trampled Rose". Oh yeah, somewhere in my name tag is a link to my blog.


Downloading it now. It's been on my Amazon wishlist for a while. Thanks for reminding me!

McMaster & Storm said...

my husband loves this duo! had to show him your post!

dime store daze said...

I bought this CD when it first came out because I am crazy Zepplin fan.
I was blown away it's so beautiful everyone should buy one. Now I can say I am a Allison Krauss fan.

Nikki Hardin said...

Although I still rack up purchases at iTunes, I've found myself buying more cds lately...there's something about loading them in the player on a Sunday morning and listening all the way through instead of downloading cuts that is really satisfying. I'm hopelessly old-school.