Friday, October 16, 2009


Yeah!  The flip house is under contract!!!!!  Apparently the owners had 3 offers (all female, first time home buyers).   AMAZING, it was only on the market one month.  I like to think it was the splendid selections of one such designer (me) that helped get it sold but the truth is the owners and the workman did a terrific job.  I'm ready for the next one.  I love to spend other people's money.  :  )

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vintage simple said...

Ha! Ain't that the truth..! Well, congratulations on a job well-done!


krys kirkpatrick said...

Fantastic job. I checked out all the posts and it really turned out great. All the white and wood make it seem much more spacious. Now is it posssible to do the same thing with a house 8ft by 20 ft? My dream is to build a little home on wheels.

aimee said...

that is so awesome! my daughter bought a home almost a year ago. it is so great to hear more women are able to buy on their own. the house you showed us looks great. i love it. wish we could see inside. is that in another post?

Farmgirl Susan said...

What a beautiful job you did. I really enjoyed looking through the previous posts. Congratulations to all! :)