Friday, May 1, 2009

@home on design sponge

I know I said there wouldn't be many posts due to the crazy week I have ahead of me but I can't help myself. My dear friend Katie Runnels Graf has been guest blogging on Design Sponge this week while Grace was away getting hitched and she was kind enough to include a nice piece about me and my shop today. I am not sure what I did to deserve all the great coverage the shop has been getting online but I love it! Thanks to Katie, Grace and to everyone who has left comments as well. It is so nice to be appreciated for something you love to do.


Lily said...
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pacegirlno3 said...

What an awesome review Katie wrote!!

Your house is something's beautiful! The flat file coffee table is my favorite. You and your husband have keen eyes for making perfect choices and lots of vision to transform auction bargins into treasures.

Unknown said...

Just found you via D*S! What a wonderful shop and home you have! And you would not believe how many of your projects etc. I have cut out of my Country Home mags that you did! You have been inspiring me for years and I never knew : ) Your store looks like one from my dreams - hope to visit some day!

vintagetown said...

Just found your amazing shop via Design Sponge. It's sooo beautiful, wish it was here in the UK! Good luck with it!

McMaster & Storm said...

just lovely......loved taking a peek into your home as well! these posts made our week!
{oh, we just need to have some sweet tea with ya}

kara + darcy