Sunday, April 26, 2009

SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival

For the first time since I graduated from SCAD in 1998 I had the Saturday of the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival off from the store.  How appropriate since this was such a big anniversary for the college. It was beautiful sunny and warm day.  We strolled through the park looking at the squares where students and alumni were drawing in chalk before the judging took place.  My son enjoyed some of the games they provided, we got a bite to eat in the shade, met up with friends and then headed home to gather our things for the movie in the park last night. 
The Sidewalk Arts Festival draws a large crowd and this year was no different.  My favorite part was a Cirque de Soleil like parade of people dressed in white puffy costumes prancing through the park. I was told that this group had a similar performance at the SCAD Lacoste campus. The SCAD 30th Years bean bag toss game was very clever too and my husband and son managed to spin several of the dots in between throwing bean bags at each other. 


imwithsully said...

I am so jealous. It's been so many years since I participated in the Sidewalk Arts Festival. Probably 1990... Looks like it was a great time.

Fleur de Bee said...

Look so fun! Hi Liz! I am a friend of Jenn Hayslips. I have a friend who is coming into town there for a conference. I am sending people to your store as I love it so much! I will have to meet you next time I am in town but nice to read about the activities going on I can direct them too! Talk soon! -Molly

(PS maybe you can convince them to get me vintage jewelry as I LOVE to collect, wear and craft with it and your selection is so devine, sigh lol)