Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the madness begins

If you follow my blog you may have read a few months ago that I was putting together a tour of homes fundraiser for the SCAD Alumni Association. It is hard to believe but the tour takes place next weekend, May 8th and 9th. As a part of the event I have also agreed to have my home on the tour the first day. If you can imagine the work that goes into prepping your home for such an event you can then picture the turmoil my house and garden is currently in.

My husband tilled our back yard today in preparation for new sod (being delivered tomorrow), there are no cushions on my side chairs in the living room (they are at Satchel being slip covered), there are no windows or doors on my recently constructed greenhouse (they are in my husband's imagination, hopefully) and the list goes on. In fact the punch list for the house is 4 pages long. Most of it involves cleaning and propping but there is a good bit of hard labor too. I only have 2 days free from the shop until then so there will be many late nights ahead. Night time gardening is not out of the question either.

And did I mention that I am also planning a wedding for dear friend and former @home shop girl Halligan Norris? Yes, she is getting married the very weekend of the tour. My family likes to point out that I seem to commit to big stuff simultaneously. And just to keep things really interesting I submitted the wedding to a national magazine and they are coming to shoot it. Madness indeed! I thrive under pressure or so it seems.

What does all of this mean? Well the posts might get slim for a while unless I need to vent or share something monumental. 

Stay tuned.

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Susan said...

I am so devistated! I wish I had known the tour was next weekend! I adore your store, am dying to return to Savannah, and would L-O-V-E to see your home.(I am hoping this doesn't come across a little too intense).

Can you please post pictures for those of us working and unable to come?