Friday, December 21, 2007


It is a misrable wet and cold day today so I thought some good news might cheer up the my regular visitors. Our holiday sale begins today. All decorations are 25% off.

After Christmas they will be 50% off.


Amy Nieto said...

oh my! those owls are super cute!! You if I were there, I'd have snatched like three of them. Because I'm compulsive like that.

This reminds me I actually need to order some ribbons from you....

designsbynana said...

Dear Liz,
I just could not believe it when yesterday i found you on the web via another blogger. I am not sure that you know my name, but I have seen you grow from your little store on Abercorn ,to your store on Bull, and now on Broughton. Anyway, congrats on your blog it is eye candy just like your store. I am looking forward to new entries...your a great inspiration for all women trying to make it.