Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the road

As the summer drags along here in Savannah I find
myself actually excited about attending the upcoming
trade shows. As a retailer it might come as a great
surprise that I do not love to go to market. My
background is in the antique business so the thrill of
the hunt is one that keeps me up the night before
an estate sale or keeps my eyes wide open during a
long car ride to an antique fair. When you have the
opportunity to order a hundred of something your
enthusiasm wears a little thin. That is not to say that
I don't like the things I find and order for my shop,
I just prefer the adrenalin rush that comes with the
unknown. So back to my original thought about
being excited. I think it is because we have been in
the new location for about nine months now and I
feel really confident about the direction the store
is taking. Each time we have moved the shop it has
felt like we were starting from scratch. So with this
buying trip I hope to find many unique treasures to
fill the store for the upcoming season. I plan to do
some junkin along the way as well.

Post soon.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what new treasures you find!