Monday, March 8, 2010

long time no see

I know it has been ages since I posted anything. I sit here in my new studio amongst piles (organized piles, I promise) of stuff and that is just what it is now STUFF. Stuff to go to the house, stuff to go to my little antique mall booth, stuff to be donated, stuff to be auctioned, stuff to be put in my little studio space.....STUFF. I mean really why do I have 15 (and counting) extension cords? Why do I feel the need to hoard vintage store display pieces? Why do I have SO many papers? I have filled just about every giant blue IKEA bag I have and countless boxes.

In between the packing, moving and cleaning the shop I meet with brides, magazine editors and photographers (I don't want you to think I've been sitting around). In fact I recently completed my first job photo styling a book. A cookbook for Martha Nesbit (local celeb chef) that is expected to come out in the fall. It was an amazing experience. I also contributed an article to the new online magazine Southern Flourish (expected to launch in a week), I was interviewed by Southern Living for a June article about weddings in Savannah. I was an assistant on a photo shoot for Quilt Magazine and now they've asked me to create some projects for them. I produced a couple of features for Country Living for two spring/summer issues. And if that is not enough I exhibited at Behind the Veil, Savannah's premiere bridal show to showcase my new venture. Fingers crossed this kind of STUFF keeps coming my way because the other STUFF is really overwhelming.

XOXO to all of you that posted such sweet comments about your love for the shop. I hope you will continue to read about my adventures and discoveries on my blog.


Carrie said...

I can't wait to read all about your adventures. I have to say, I loved your shop. Anytime we traveled to Savannah it was a "must visit." I am so glad to read that you are doing well and have lots of new projects on the burners.

Linda Crispell said...

You are a true inspiration!!!

Mary Kay Andrews said...

Liz--there will always be a "hole" on Broughton Street at the former site of @Home. But really, you and your amazing creative talent were the essence of @Home, so we'll always have that, right? Can't wait to read the next chapter of the Liz Demos story!

Merci-Notes said...

I just came by for the first time... via google and seeing your home in Country Living Mag.

i love your Michigan state bird and Flower print. I remember getting similar ones that needed to be colored in while we studied our state.
I find it immensely sad with each boutique closing. Boutiques where girls get together and chat while fixing up their home with new love.
I wish you the very best in your new adventures. I think some wonderful times are ahead for you.. and just look at your beautiful daughter!

With Kindness,