Sunday, November 29, 2009

holiday hues

This is the most recent installment of my styling/production work for Savannah Magazine.I will be doing some more assignments for Savannah Weddings and Savannah Magazine in 2010. Look for the current issue on news stands and look for the new Savannah Weddings in February. Click on the image to enlarge and zoom in if you want to read the editorial.

photographed by Erin Adams


flwrjane said...

beautiful and inspirational.

Jade McCully Photography said...

I just love these colors. Very unexpected but beautiful!! - For some reason I thought your event was last night. So Matthew and I went to your shop last night-with no lights on!! So I will see you next week. Jade

Jade McCully Photography said...

Love these colors! Beautiful and unexpected! Matthew and I went to you shop thinking your event was last night. So we got there and no lights on!! So we are ready for your party! Take care-Jade

Greg Ceo said...

Hi Liz,
all your friends keep telling me about your amazing styling talents - I can see why!
One of these days we'll have to meet in person