Friday, February 20, 2009

boho magazine

I optimistically hit the news stand today and saw something I had never seen before. It was a new magazine (ok, it launched in August but it was new to me). Lately magazines have been folding left and right so it was a welcome sight. Boho Magazine is both beautiful and inspiring. The issue I purchased is their third so I plan to track down the first two soon. Their aesthetic fits the store perfectly so I am also going to figure out how to get them for the shop.

Their definition of a boho girl really hit home with me and I have no doubt it will hit home with many of you.

Boho Girl
Free. Radical. Independent. Her style is her own. It's personal, existential. Her only fear is convention. Her weakness, shoes. The bump on her nose adds character, the scar on her shoulder adds strength, the curl in her hair adds attitude. There is no such thing as imperfection, just originality. Unmovable, unshakable, unstoppable, she is America's next top role model. Someone both inspired and inspiring. She embraces her spirituality, aspires to her dreams, lives through her passions. She is a world changer. She is bohemian. She is a boho girl.


Katie Runnels said...

that's you girl! xoxo

blue moss said...

with all the sadness about magazines's so great to see a new magazine ....that looks fabulous!
thanks for sharing

Bumble Belly Designs said...

Hey Liz! I met you years ago when my husband and I came to Savannah and photographed your home. Your son was a new born! How time flies. I follow Katie's blog - your store looks great - I heard you had expanded. Oh, how I would love to take a trip back to Savannah - maybe someday :) Cheers

krys kirkpatrick said...

I found this magazine the airport...have been pouring over it while on vacation. I really love the feel of it and visually, very fun. Thanks for sharing

tattered 'n torn prims said...

I followed you here from Jackie Ludwig's blog....she related a recent visit to your shop.....hello and I am in love with your site!!! Very unique!!! If I should find myself in Savannah....I will stop by for a little look-see!! :O)