Friday, July 18, 2008

timing & opportunity

I seem to be talking a lot lately about opportunity but little about timing.  I think things happen when they do for a reason.  Maybe you aren't ready or maybe there are bigger and better things coming your way.  So that got me thinking about my friend Cheryl from Back in the Day Bakery. She will be appearing on Paula Deen's Best Dishes on Sunday at 12:30.  Talk about an opportunity! It is a well deserved and patiently waited for opporunity at that.  She and her husband Griff own one of the sweetest spots in Savannah (pun intended).  They have worked very hard and their success is very exciting for their friends and customers.  The timing could not be any better. If my memory serves me right, Cheryl lost her dear sister around this time a couple of years ago. I know Cheryl is so joyful about her appearance on this show, but I also know deep down she wishes she could share it with Natalie.  So Cheryl if you are reading.  Chin up.  I am so proud of you and I know she would be too.  


Griffith said...

Of course I am reading. You know I am your biggest fan. Yes your memory serves you correct. Thanks so much for friendship. I am a lucky girl in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Oopsie, Of course that last post was from me.
That's what I get for getting on Griff's computer:-)

POPIN Sisters said...

Liz, it was great to meet you last week. I actually saw the Paula show with Cheryl...I was drooling the entire time (kinda like when I was in your shop!!) Have a great day! ~Jamie

jenny holiday said...

Hello Hello Hello!! I just found your super fab blog! Hooray! Loving it to bits!!

Cheryl is a doll!! She and her world are just the sweetest!!!

I look forward to visiting your blog often!!

Happy Summer from the Jersey Shore!
xoxo Jenny