Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Adorn Magazine Feature

Yeah! @home is featured in the fall issue of Adorn Magazine. It is a great shopping story about some of the best spots for creatives to visit while in Savannah written by Amy Nieto a former SCAD student and regular customer of mine. Many thanks to Amy for including us with such a stellar group of businesses.

I just got my copy in the mail so I don't know if it is on the news stands. I checked the website as well and it looks like it hasn't been posted there yet. Keep checking I think it is a great story.


design*sponge said...

congrats liz! welcome to the blog world :)


Suni said...
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Suni said...

@ home was my favorite shop from my visit to Savannah. It captures a piece of you, your mom, your sister,and your best friend for all to enjoy. I wish I didn't live in NJ so I could visit more often.

Looking foward to the online shop !


humblepie said...

Visited the store last October and scoured the Web looking for you all. I've been checking in every month since, waiting to shop from K.C. Love the store! Dig the site! Keep going!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Liz, I just had to email you quick and tell you that I just LOVED your store!! My family and I were in Tybee and visited Savannah several days, and one day we took a tour on a bus, and I made note when we passed your shop! I told my husband that I had to visit before we left for Ohio!! What a delight! The girls were fun talking to (we were talking about their "snow experiences") and gave me a card, I've been checking the web every so often to see if you were up and running yet - I checked tonight, and was so excited for you!! Anyway, I'll be reading!! Best of luck with the website!!

angeline said...

hi, liz! alex and i have had an influx of family, and your store is a must-see for the los angelenos. i gave your shop a mention today in our shop's blog. i hope the pix i used is okay - let me know otherwise. website is progressing great!

- angeline