Tuesday, September 6, 2011

lowcountry style chef showdown

My latest feature in Southern Living.

photography by Squire Fox - prop styling Elizabeth Demos - food styling Marian Cooper Cairnes

The copy reads: Three chefs. Five key ingredients. One killer location. What it doesn't say is: 2 hair stylists, 2 make up people, 2 prop stylists, 2 food stylists, 3 editors, 1 photographer, 1 photo tech, 20+ extras, 20 lanterns, 25 platters, 20+ utensils, 20+ pots and pans, 12 directors chairs, 1 farm table, 1 pine bench, 15+ glass compotes, 4+ peach baskets, 30+ glasses, 30+ plates, 12 napkins, 10+ dish towels, 30+ votives and one GIANT Uhaul (I'm sure I'm forgetting something but you get the picture). Crazy right? No one would really believe what goes on behind the scenes so I thought I would show you the pretty pictures from the 10 page spread and then one of my own during set up. It actually looks tidy but the chaos hadn't really started.

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